Episode 3 With Jon Terry From Leankit

This week’s guest, Jon Terry, discussses just how profound a change agile transformation can be, as well as where to start it, how to go beyond just the team level and yet understand when big just gets too big. He’s also got some great real life examples from his years of experience working in lean and agile transformation, both clientside and now with his company Leankit.

Episode 2 With Dave Moloney

Too often, agile transformations are discussed by Scrum Masters, agile coaches and external consultants, when it’s the developers delivering the actual customer value that are most affected. So I decided to speak to a real live developer for their take on why agile transformations run into trouble, and what we can do to avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Dave Moloney is a fantastic developer with many years experience across a number of sectors, and has some excellent words of advice for those of us more involved on the transformation side. Have a listen to his podcast. As you can tell from the photo, what he said dropped jaws*.


Episode 1 With Roy Mohamed

To kick off the podcast series, Roy Mohamed discusses his take on why agile transformations can fail and why they, like Usain Bolt, should learn to toddle before they can sprint…